The project

We chose to initiate this project “Transparency Farina” because we’ve always felt a natural, innate, need to tell everybody who we are, without hiding anything, starting from our limits. We chose to start this project “Transparency Farina” not as a communication action to seize the current market trend to seek more and more transparent and authentic companies, but first of all because we’ve always felt a natural, innate, need to tell everybody who we are, without hiding anything, starting from our limits. 

A very bold project, indeed, that is not limited to declare our "transparency" but aims to prove it on a daily basis in all production phases, in the transformation process of the grapes, up to the marketing activities. A "transparency" not only of the products, but also of the people who contribute with their work to the creation, communication and marketing of Farina wines. Recently, we’ve realized that almost always when it comes to transparency, authenticity of the products, we immediately think about the respect of a product disciplinary specification or to guarantee and certify the number of bottles.

For us these are just some of the aspects that guarantee a genuine transparency of production and sometimes, in our opinion, not even the most important ones. According to us, in fact, be fully transparent also means telling about us, what we do every day, what are our goals; but this must also apply to our employees, our suppliers. A limited transparency is not possible, it’s all or nothing.   
Our project, therefore, It will be to live and perceive our reality with no filters. We really believe in our identity and in the strength of our employees, that’s why we want to bet on our entire team. In operational terms, for example, the project requires that all Farina’s current grapes suppliers are "filed" and "monitored" on this site.
So anyone will find on the website the following information: 
•           name of the grape supplier; 
•           Photos of the grape supplier and his company; 
•           History of the grape supplier and his family;
•           Description of the vineyard(s): area, surface, altitude, growing system, vines, exposure, soil; 
•           regularly updated photos and videos including maturation stages and management of the vineyard;
•           interviews to grape suppliers updated during the year. 

The same mode of transparent telling about the grape suppliers also applies to other employees in the company, from administrative to commercial. We realize that it is a very ambitious and complex project, and again in the interests of absolute honesty and transparency, we have set reasonable and credible times in order to be fully prepared and transparent on all fronts. That’s why we have always set, since the genesis of our project, 2018 as a year of full definition of our Transparency Farina. But right away we will make available to all who are interested to our information, what we are doing and even our limits, because we are aware that only by showing our face and those who work with us honestly and without fear, we can be credible also in the future for the market and for our customers. 

Claudio and Elena Farina.