Scatolificio Ceriana

Scatolificio Ceriana

Type of activity: box factory


Getting Form

Giovanni Barichello 

Job: Commercial Director and Owner 

Company: Scatolificio Ceriana - Settimo di Pescantina (Verona)

Interview with Giovanni Barichello

When did you start collaborating with Farina?
I’ve known Farina for so many years, though, the ongoing continuous collaboration started 6 years ago.

What products do you sell to Farina?
Scatolificio Ceriana sells Farina the boxes to package the bottles of wine.

Tell me something about the Scatolificio Ceriana.
The Scatolificio Ceriana of Settimo Pescantina, was born from a lucky shot, a win at the “Totocalcio” lottery that in 1957 allowed Adriano Ceriana to purchase the first machinery and start a business on his own.
In 1977, the entrance as a member of Gian Antonio Barichello, my father, was the spring that led to the first major changes, with the purchase of better performing machinery that led to the increase in work and speed in the execution of the finished product. In 1987 Ceriana retired from business and my father was helped by my mother Anna, who worked as a sales manager.
Later, my brother Marco and I entered the company, as production and design managers. Today, we have a 10 million euro turnover and in the Pescantina plant there are about 50 employees.

What products do you produce?
Mainly boxes, cases and displays in corrugated cardboard. The food field alone represents 60% of our production, while wine accounts for one-third of our work. We are specialized in this sector.

How do you make the boxes that you sell/produce?

All the boxes are customized in size, print and quality of the cardboard, each customer has its boxes and each box its features.
The boxes can be divided into two large families: the "American", in wine typically 6/12 bottles, or the die cut.
The first type is the product most sold to Farina. This box is the most used in the wine industry, and it is made in one step. The custom-made cardboard sheet is placed on a machine (Case Maker). The sheet can be printed in up to 7 colors, then there is the station that cuts it and carves it, and finally the one that folds and glues it. It goes in as a sheet and comes out as a box.
Our boxes are suitable for automatic packaging and are dimensioned to fit perfectly into our customers' machinery.
The die-cut boxes, however, are more irregular, they have no standard shape and can be made in any shape and can contain a variable number of bottles.

What is the best feature of your boxes?
For sure the print quality. We recently won an important national award for Flexo printing on corrugated cardboard.

What is your relationship with the Farina company?
I think I offer them a product with a competitive value for money, well printed and in short times.
I’ve known Claudio Farina for a long time and we have a good relationship of mutual trust.

What does it mean to be a winery supplier?
Being a winery supplier means paying more attention to details. The aesthetic aspect in this field is important, packaging makes the difference. Sometimes the wines are sold at the shop directly in the boxes.

How would you describe Farina as a company?

Family-run. You also notice Claudio’s strong influence and charisma, as well as the organization.

  • - Interview with Giovanni Barichello