Rizzotto Sparkling wines

Rizzotto Sparkling wines

Type of activity: sparkling wine for Italian wineries


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For over 70 years we have been dealing with sparkling winemaking for the best Italian wineries, putting our enological knowledge and our specialized equipment at the service of those who want to enrich their range of wines with a quality sparkling wine.

Interview with Luca Rizzotto

What does your company do?
We take care of making sparkling wine for customers who ask for this service. 

What do you deal with? 
My job is to transform the base wine and make it sparkling. The base wine, still, arrives at the company from our different customers. Through a refermentation carried out in an autoclave it becomes sparkling wine and we then proceed with the bottling and labeling process. As for the collaboration with Farina, we produce for them about 40,000 bottles of Prosecco doc extra dry. 

How long have you been collaborating with Farina? 
I do not remember the exact year, but certainly more than 20 years.
What do you think of Farina as a company?
The company is very solid, they’re really a great organization. They are precise and very organized people. One of their best qualities is honesty, now we are almost a family. With Claudio there is a kind of telepathy, without too many phone calls we know when it's time to collaborate. Farina is committed to produce products of excellent quality, so from our side they deserve great professionalism and reliability. 

What is your favorite wine among Farina’s? 
My favorite wine is, of course, Prosecco doc extra dry.
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