Type of activity: production of corks


Getting Form

Nomacorc was born in 1999 from the idea of ​​a Belgian entrepreneur, Gert Noël, who wanted to develop a more effective closure with which to eliminate the unpleasant problem of cork taste. Thanks to years of research on oxygen management for different winemaking styles and in collaboration with important institutions and winemakers, the company developed closures that allow constant control of the post-bottling oxygen transfer. Nomacorc is today one of the most appreciated and used solutions in the world, which protects about 2.5 billion bottles a year. In January 2015, Nomacorc became part of the Vinventions group. Vinventions ™ was created by the family of the entrepreneur Marc Noël (who is its President) in cooperation with several partners, including Mr. Heino Freundenberg current CEO. Our mission is to become the most innovative and reliable supplier of complete solutions of closures for still and sparkling wines. Vinventions is committed to providing sustainable high performance products and services that are truly unique and innovative.

Interview with Filippo Peroni

When did you start collaborating with Farina? 
The beginning of our collaboration first as Nomacorc and now as Vinventions dates back to 8 years ago, as the result of a meeting. Years that have allowed us to strengthen the cooperation between our companies and to create a relationship of strong respect and trust.

What products do you supply? What features do they have? 
Our company supplies a cork called Select Green which is part of a new category of corks called PlantCorc. The Select Green are produced with sustainable and renewable raw materials sugarcane-based, using sustainable manufacturing processes that exploit renewable energy. All this makes Select Green the first cork in the world without carbon footprint and totally recyclable. 

How are the corks made? 
These corks are the result of the tested and patented Nomacorc co-extrusion technology, which guarantees, thanks to the oxygen management, the uniformity bottle after bottle and eliminates the oxidation defects, reduction and unpleasant flavors due to TCA and other contaminants. We start from the use of a biopolymer that derives from the sugarcane, through the coextrusion the body and the skin of the cork are produced, that are then "welded" thanks to the temperature and affinity of the polymers without the use of glues, adhesives or solvents. With different technologies the cork is then perfected, printed and treated and once finished it is packaged to protect the products from all pollution until the use in the cellar. Thanks to the control of the process and the raw materials used, the cork is sustainable with a 0 carbon footprint. 

What is your relationship with the company Farina? 
Great respect first of all and then great friendship with all the members of the company. A friendship born and grown during many years of professional relationship.

What does it mean to be a supplier of a winery? 
In our philosophy, the relationship aims to provide solutions, be these closures, tools, analysis or suggestions. It is a great responsibility and a great boast. It is a responsibility because we know how strong are the commitment and the human and economic investments made by Farina to reach these objectives. So we feel legitimately charged with our responsibility to always provide our materials at the best. We’re proud because being chosen by a winery such as Farina is a boast! 

How would you define Farina as a company?
It is an innovative company that has been able to take the path of quality without compromise. They have succeeded in enhancing the union between history and innovation thanks to a young and dynamic staff, driven by the ever present management. I really like the style of communication, their professionalism and competence. And the results are clear. Tell me a particular episode that comes to your mind thinking of Farina ... I remember that at Vinitaly a few years ago the owner of the company Claudio introduced me to some of its foreign importers, introducing me almost as if I were a member of the company. This episode was very important, it made me feel part of the project and for this reason I am still grateful to him. 

What is your favorite wine among Farina’s? 
There are many wines of Farina that I like. Perhaps because of the enthusiasm that it gives me, I would put Amarone MONTEFANTE on top of all. The style of this wine and the emotions it gives are the expression of the union between history and innovation of which I spoke before. Really super, well done!
  • - Interview with Filippo Peroni