Gruppo Bertolaso SPA

Gruppo Bertolaso SPA

Type of activity: production and installation of automatic bottling plants


Getting Form

Year of foundation: 1880 
President: Luigino Bertolaso 
Leading company in designing, producing and installing automatic systems for bottling still and bubbly wine, sparkling wines, spirits, beer, fruit juices, water and other drinks. Active from 1880 in Zimella, Verona, with their "turnkey" systems, they satisfy the need for innovation and reliability of big and small producers all over the world.

Interview with Cristina Bertolso

What kind of company is yours and in what sector does it work? 
Our company designs, manufactures and installs automatic systems for the bottling of wine and spirits. Our group consolidates around 80% of its turnover abroad. 

Why innovative bottling? 
We call it innovative bottling because for over one hundred years we have been investing continuously in research and development, anticipating the market demands. Our company operates on orders and does not carry out mass production; we produce machines with high technological content and customized to respond exactly to the requests of each customer. There is no such a thing as abig customer or a small one; they are all equally important and must all be served with the utmost commitment, punctuality and precision. 

How was the collaboration with Farina born? 
The relationship with Farina was born several decades ago, since we were the first suppliers to the winery of automatic bottling machines. Farina has always believed in investments in technology and has always found in Bertolaso ​​a punctual and reliable partner. We like to think that Bertolaso ​​accounts for "a little" part in the success of Farina in the world of wine.
What do you produce for the company? 
We supply automatic bottling plants. 

What’s your favourite wine among Farina's? 
In all the wines of Farina it’s perceived an intense passion for the world of wine and a maniacal attention to detail and quality. I like red wines and therefore I choose Valpolicella and Amarone.
  • - Interview with Cristina Bertolso