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The Enopiave Group operates since 1984 in the wine sector, offering a wide range of selected products and their expertise in consulting and services to ensure the success of their customers. 
Enopiave Linea Vetro was founded in 1999 by the Enopiave group to provide assistance, dedicated services and specific know-how to the customers of the glass sector. The division has a dedicated sales network, a wide range of bottles for still, pétillant and sparkling wines, over 3,000 square meters of covered warehouses where the goods are checked and labeled at the entrance and managed thanks to the WMS software that allows full traceability of the items.  
The reference markets are Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Emilia Romagna. 
EnopiaveLab, born in 1985, is instead the laboratory specialized in the analysis of grapes, wines and derivatives, sensory analysis and corks, ACCREDIA certificate No. 0929. Enoconsulenze is, finally, the division of the Enopiave group established in 1987 to dedicate specific resources and know-how for legislative counsultancy in the wine sector.

Interview with Cristian Toffanin

Can you describe the company for which you work? 
I work for the Enopiave group, with comprehensive activity in the enological field, it deals with wineries, both with an external laboratory for what concerns analysis and with the sector of the equipment sale (agency proxy and direct sales) and finally with the products sale division. From the main group, then developed Enopiave Linea Vetro s.r.l., a company with a branch office, and a dedicated staff. The activity is entirely focused on glass and the marketing of the bottles. The philosophy of the group is to be close to our customers with solutions that are always evolving, giving them the added value that allows the customer to feel like a partner with a cutting-edge supplier, in line with the times. 

What is your role in the company?
I am the coordinator of the Verona area, the sales rep dealing with Linea Vetro and also with the equipment. 

Do you only supply wineries? 
No, let’s say we do not supply only glass, but most of our work has always been about the supply of glass, especially to wineries. 

How are the products marketed? 
Can you give us an idea of ​​your supply chain? Not producing the products ourselves, we deal only with the commercialization, specifically of glassware. We purchase the bottles from our partner glassmakers, and then we supply them in two solutions: on one hand with direct delivery to the customer, on the other with the transfer to our Caprino Veronese warehouse, from which the quantity direct to the customer is delivered. All the goods that are shipped from our warehouse (HACCP certified and authorized for the storage of bottles) have internal traceability. As Enopiave Linea Vetro we guarantee a certain traceability to the products that leave our warehouse, while the products that go directly from the glassmakers to the customer are signed with the batch number, reported in the documents that arrive to the customer. In addition to this we have an internal traceability that allows us to have a more detailed management of what we deliver from our warehouse, especially for medium-small customers to whom we deliver directly with our vehicles.

As a sales rep, what was and what is your approach to local producers?
When I arrived in the area I made a series of visits, not with the purpose of starting to sell and deliver products, I simply monitored the area, trying to understand the types of products used locally. In other areas that I follow like Padova and Trento there are different types of bottles compared to Verona: in Padua more sparkling wine, while in Verona more still wine. After having monitored, I made a mapping of my territory, first for macroeconomics of product type of bottle and then more and more in detail. Once this was determined, I tried to understand what were the indicative prices that in the various areas were proposed by the competitors, and only then I approached our suppliers, providing a description of the area and asking them for conditions on quantities that I already had determined in my area of ​​competence outside Verona. I finally started to propose offers to those customers that I had initially only approached to get to know them. This was my job, since 2007 I take care of the Verona area. 
What are your distinctive features? 
In general, how do you approach work? With passion. For me it's not work, it's fun. What distinguishes me perhaps is the passion I put into maintaining contact with the client, giving him the right service and product, this is what I feel. Then, I am quite determined to reach the goal, my main stimulus is indeed to set goals at the beginning of the season and reach the end, hitting them as I want, it is the fuel that keeps me going and makes me love my job. One of the objectives that I always set is to be able to build a relationship with the customers, to be close to them in their need but also in the proposal of new things that can allow them to expand on the market. For me, in fact, the task of the sales rep is not only to be a seller of the product, he also has the task of advising the customers, for example about the format that best suits their products. In ten years I have always managed to achieve results, with perseverance, tenacity and determination. 

When did you start collaborating with Farina? 
We’ve been knowing each other for about 5-6 years, initially I started by supplying a small percentage of bottles, while today I take care of about 90-95% of the supply. I have always worked well with them because there has always been a relationship based on transparency and collaboration. Claudio is the kind of person who keeps his word, so my programs always matched with his, there has always been a good feeling between us. I believe that in these years we have managed to build a successful partnership. 

If you were to give some keywords to define Farina, what would they be? 
Innovation, competence and professionalism.

  • - Interview with Cristian Toffanin