Type of activity: integrated communication agency


Getting Form

Advision was born from the wish Grafical, a printing company working on the territory for almost 35 years, had to diversify its main structure, introducing a reality that deals with integrated communication and consulting, from the strategy or communication plan to the creation of content, up to to their diffusion. Today, 30% of the company's turnover comes from collaborations with companies in the wine sector, while the remaining 70% is made up of customers and projects from very different sectors: food, cosmetics, photography and imaging, home, industrial, medical and dental technology. 

Our philosophy is based on three key elements: Creativity, Design and Identity. Each of these basic elements is in close connection with the thought, action and dedication, essential components of every project we carry on.

Each step for us is essential depending on our number one objective: to put the content at the center. 

The first strong point of the Studio is definitely the team, young (under 30), cohesive and projected constantly to the future.

Interview with Loris Marchiori

In which sector do you work and what activities do you do? 
Advision is an integrated communication agency. We deal with visual identity and branding, creative direction, advertising, photography, video, web design & web mktg, digital products, wine design, editorial design, print design and exhibition design. 

How did you start collaborating with Farina? 
The collaboration with Farina was born in the past with Grafical. I still have a really happy memory of my first phone call with Claudio. Ours was not a very easy debut, because he didn’t have much time to dedicate to me, but then it was all downhill. 

How long have you been working together? 
It's been about 3 years now, but in the last year the relationship has definitely intensified.   

What kind of collaboration do you have and what do you do for the company? 
We take care of the creation of contents that are then disseminated through their channels. We start from the creation of visual content, and then get to deal with the design of packaging, labels, photos and videos. 

What do you think about Farina as a company? 
It’s easy to work well with them, because they always put people and their relationships in the foreground. From this approach we can understand the spirit of the whole Transparency Project, in our opinion. This is a rare thing to find today, they are very kind and courageous people, they are not afraid to dare, they are very attached to their traditions, but they don’t fear embracing change. In fact I really think that Farina is always a step ahead.
What is your favorite wine among Farina’s? 
My favorite wine is the one that has yet to be put on the market and will be presented at the Transparency event. I had the opportunity to taste it in preview, during the briefing for the realization of the video presentation of this product, together with our team and Claudio. It has impressed us all, because it is an unusual wine, that you do not expect. In other words: surprising. 

What do you think of the Transparency project? 
I believe it is not just a storytelling action, but we consider it an act of love. Why? Because it really tells about a territory and a philosophy. We define it a sort of testament 2.0. It is not made to sell wine.
  • - Interview with Loris Marchiori