18 January 2018

As we announced during the last Vinitaly, we have worked for two years on a very ambitious and exiting project: Farina Transparency. We chose to start this project “Transparency Farina” not as a communication action to seize the current market trend to seek more and more transparent and authentic companies, but first of all because we’ve always felt a natural, innate, need to tell everybody who we are, without hiding anything, starting from our limits.
A very bold project, indeed, that is not limited to declare our "transparency" but aims to prove it on a daily basis in all production phases, in the transformation process of the grapes, up to the marketing activities. 
A "transparency" not only of the products, but also of the people who contribute with their work to the creation, communication and marketing of Farina wines. Today we are almost ready to present officially our website www.farinatransparency.com (almost online) with all its subjects: the interviews to our grape suppliers, those to our employees, the heart of our winery, those to our partners, whose products make our wines unique, and finally our importers, who work every day to bring our wines in the worldwide markets. We will present this, and more, and we are exited about that.