Tom Engelardt

Area: Germany


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Company: Falstaff 

Importer of European wines in Germany The German company Falstaff is responsible for importing wines into the German market. It is managed by the two partners Tom Engelardt and Toni Wallner. The headquarters are in Freising, near Munich.

Interview with Tom Engelardt

How long ago was founded your company and how was it born? 
Our company was founded in 1994, from the desire to collaborate with my business partner to import European wines in Germany. In recent years the market has expanded a lot and we decided to dedicate an important part of our import to Italian wines, which account for approximately 60% of our portfolio.

How long have you imported Farina wines into Germany? 
We have been collaborating with the company and importing their wines for more than 15 years. 

What is your opinion about Farina as a company? 
They are very good at what they do and we are really happy to work with them, the wines are clean and perfectly match the needs and demands of the German market.

How would you describe the German market at the moment?
This is a difficult question, there is a lot of difference in habits among the different areas, especially between North and South and it is a difficult market for the huge number of traders and players active on the territory. There is a great overcrowding and it is very competitive, but it is a market that is showing a great interest in Italian wines. 

What is the Best Seller wine from Farina? 
The white Custoza is the best seller and it is strange, because the German market is much more accustomed to the consumption of red wines. Immediately after comes the Lugana.
What is your favorite wine and why? 
It depends very much on the situation in which I am when drinking wine, I usually love white German wines and I prefer wines without sugar residue, for example both Custoza and Lugana I think have about 9 g/l of residual sugar. They are perfect wines for the market. 

What kind of message would you like to give Farina‚Äôs? 
I would like to tell them that they are working really well and are on the right path, which will certainly lead them to grow, so to continue in this direction.
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