Nicola Ninci

Area: Palma de Maiorca


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Tuscany-born, but relocated in Palma de Mallorca. Nicola Ninci mainly imports Italian wines on the Balearic island and in the world of high quality fine dining on the Spanish coast. He mainly deals with the restaurants and wine bars channel.

Interview with Nicola Ninci

When did you start importing Italian wine to Palma de Mallorca? 
I started with a wine bar in 2007, then I decided I wanted to import wines. I am Tuscan, wine has always been my passion, I grew up among the vineyards. Today I import Italian and Spanish wines, and to a lesser extent French wines too, cognac and vodka. 90%, however, is made up by Italian wines. 

Through which channels do you sell wine? 
I sell through the restaurants and wine bars channel. 

How is the wine market in the Balearics? 
Quite complex, we have strong competition with Spanish wines. However, the strongest is the competition of the Mallorcan wine. There are more than 90 wineries only here in Palma. It is important to know, however, that the island lives not only of tourists but of Spanish, Italian and also English and German citizens, who love Italy and its wine. So they help their marketing. 

When did you start collaborating with Farina? 
I started immediately, as soon as I started my business, about 5 years ago. They are wonderful, professional people who care about human relationships, which is very important.
What is your favorite wine among Farina‚Äôs? 
The Corte Contecavalli, it has a good brand, it is a harmonious wine, very pleasant and drinkable in every occasion. The most sold here however is the Ripasso. 

If you were to give a message to Claudio and the company what would it be? 
Lower the prices! (laughs, ed.) And come visit me.
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