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Interview with Lucas Spinnars

When did you start collaborating with Farina? 
In 2013 through the company Fondberg & Co. for which I work as a business development manager. 

How did you enter the world of wine?
I started studying economics at the University and then I specialized in the wine sector. After studying I immediately started working for Fondberg with whom I celebrated my sixth anniversary this year. 

What are the characteristics of the Swedish wine market? 
The taste of the Swedes is mainly characterized by red and full-bodied wines. Amarone, for example, is quite expensive for this market, but at the same time it identifies all the characteristics that Swedes look for in a wine. The average Swedish consumer loves to drink wine mainly around dinner time, but does not have the Italian-like culture of matching wine with food. Let's say that it has more of a "holiday" behavior, as I define it, so he likes to drink in a relaxed context and especially when it comes to celebrating something. 

What is your favorite wine among Farina‚Äôs? 
I love classic Amarone. What is the most appreciated by your customers, instead? Despite what I said earlier about Amarone, the most consumed wine is Ripasso. It offers a general expression of its origins without being too commercial. It is a classic for the everyday consumer and a great wine for international trade. 

What are the most interesting channels? 
90% of the retail monopoly is in the hands of Systembolaget, the public company owned by the Swedish government, while only 10% is distributed through the channel. 

What is an adjective that could describe Farina winery? 
Lively and dynamic. This family run business produces excellent quality wine and I am impressed by their manners, friendly and welcoming. I am very happy to work with them.
What is an adjective that defines you? 
Enthusiastic. I am a wine lover and I really love my job. 

Is there a message you want to give to the company? 
To keep on their program with the support of the whole family. It is their strength that distinguishes them from the competitors.
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