Joseph Papotto

Area: Swiss


Getting Form

Name and surname: Joseph Papotto 
Profession: Importer 
Place: Switzerland 
Company Name: SVR VINS

Interview with Joseph Papotto

Who is your company targeted for? 
Our targets are both catering (HORECA) and private customers. 

What do you think of Farina wines today? 
I think Farina wines are of the highest quality, characterized by an excellent structure. Their wines are highly appreciated by Swiss customers. 

What is your favorite wine? 
For me, Amarone Montefante: it is the feather in their cap. It is a complex and well-balanced wine, much appreciated by a selected classy clientele. 

What is the one with the most potential? 
The wine with the most potential could be the Corte Conti cavalli. It is a wine that is taking more and more market share, appreciated above all for its captivating taste and softened by the Merlot. 

What adjective would you give the company and why?
Efficient and quality-conscious. Farina is always looking for an ever-increasing quality of its wines and its winery. The investments that it implements are efficient in finding new combinations and in the modernization of the plants.
What adjective would you give yourself? 
Innovative. I’m always looking for new market ideas and projects, to offer customers impeccable and innovative services. 

What message would you like to give to the company? 
Push more on the commercial dynamism!
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