Giorgio Pellis

Area: Germany


Getting Form

Profession: Importer / distributor

Place: Hannover, Germany

Company Name: Legro Weinhandel GmbH

Interview with Giorgio Pellis

When did you start collaborating with Farina?

Our collaboration with Farina began in 1983, the year of foundation of our company. At the beginning, we specialized in the distribution to the Italian restaurants network in Germany, expanding afterwards the distribution to the rest of the restaurants network and private consumers.

What role do you play for Farina?

I am their importer in Germany, in the Hannover region. Remo Farina was in charge of the company when we started collaborating, and I think we were among the first to introduce their wines in the market and distribute them to our contacts in Germany. We were immediately tied by a great feeling of respect and harmony. Our expertise was undoubtedly useful to him to penetrate the market successfully.

What are the characteristics of your market?

In the '80s, when we started to collaborate, the Italian restaurants were booming and they were the main ambassadors of the Italian wine on the market. Medium/high quality wines, among which there is Farina, were distributed mainly by qualified distributors like us. Then they began to spread through Italian restaurants owned by Italians and specialized wine shops. Today even large retailers and e-commerce deal and distribute medium/high quality wines.

What do you think about Farina wines today?

Farina wines have reached a medium/high level and an excellent quality/price ratio. Furthermore, they have made some very interesting innovations in the company, carried out very carefully.

What is your favorite wine?

White Godò, for its harmony, pleasure and versatility with an excellent quality/price ratio. While I would choose the basic Amarone for its originality and the very affordable price.

What’s the one with the greatest potential?

I believe the wine with the best potential is the basic Valpolicella Ripasso, because it perfectly suits the taste of the average-age consumers.

What adjective would you give the company? And why?

Family business, very dynamic.

Which adjective, instead, would you give yourself?

A distributor that feels more like a partner of the producer, than a simple customer.

What message would you give the company today?

Go on like this!

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