Emanuela Epiri

Area: Scandinavia and Germany



When did you start collaborating with Farina?
I begun in 2006 when I started my company with two Danish colleagues who were already in contact with Farina. As a consumer I already knew them, but as I started working with them I appreciated their wines and style even more. The company had already made their name with Ripasso and Amarone in the territories of northern Europe at the time, but I proposed them to work with diversified importers not only with the world of Mass Market Retailer, with the aim of capturing the markets of Scandinavia and Germany.

What is your role?

I am the promoter of the contact between Farina and importers and local business realities, through activities designed to introduce the products on the market, such as wine tastings and events. I cover all of Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark ...) and a part of Germany.

What are the characteristics of those markets?

Sweden and Norway are the main markets, because there the red wine consumption is very high. In these countries we have to deal with monopolies: while Sweden is less strict, Norway is stricter. You can not interact with the end consumer, the Government will do it.
My role is to mediate between the importer, who is an agent on behalf of the Monopoly, and the company, and keep in touch with them.
Sweden is easier on the front of the catering field, while in Norway you have to have very solid and reliable reference points, otherwise there is no space to enter the market.
What do you think of Farina wines?
For 4-5 years now the company has been making excellent products, thanks to the work of the skilled winemaker.
The products reflect the trend of the markets, excluding reserves, they have become somewhat fusion.
With the Godò line, dedicated to young people, they have widened their offer, and the restaurants in Germany has already started appreciating it.

What are the most interesting channels?

The wholesalers channel, for sure, they make some good numbers. The restaurants field does what it can, because it has different depletion times.

Tell us something about yourself ...
I am Tuscan-born, Bolognese by adoption. My palate was born with the oil, the oil of my homeland, Tuscany. My father bartered the oil of the low Mugello hills with wine. Therefore these two products have always gone hand in hand for me.
I'm a failed engineer. I wanted to do marine engineering, so I went to Sweden to study.
Then I moved to Denmark and from there I started my current activity
Today I live in Bologna, where I have my office, but I also have a company in Germany and a reference point in Denmark.

What is your favourite product among Farina’s?
They make some fabulous ”rossoVeronese”. My favorite is Corte Cavalli.

What is the most appreciated by your customers?

Amarone Montefante, all vintages.

An adjective to describe the Farina winery?
Positive at its best and willing to excess. Farina has very strong core values, it's a nice sense of belonging. I bound myself to them, we created a relationship of mutual respect.

An adjective to describe yourself?
I am a yesterday’s girl who does not know what will do tomorrow.
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