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Founded in 2013 by Vince Lia and Domnic Galea, DV Trading has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of high quality Italian wines in the hospitality industry in the Maltese Islands, always providing the best quality at competitive prices. Using only the best and most reliable suppliers, DV Trading is constantly looking to expand and improve the products offered with new and interesting ranges. DV Trading uses its expertise in the sector to provide an in-depth know-how and personalized advice to its customers.

Interview with Vince Lia

What is the best-selling wine among Farina’s in Malta? 
Bardolino and Soave perform very well. Amarone intresad is the wine on which we are focusing in particular to give it a place on the market. We are increasing sales of Amarone every year. 

What do you think of Farina as a company? 
For us it is one of the best suppliers. They always support us, they make us feel comfortable working with them. They always respect the word given. 

How many Italian brands do you have in your portfolio? 
11 brands out of 15 in the portfolio. The inhabitants of Malta really like Italian wines.
How is the Maltese market? 
People like to drink wine. They love to sit outside restaurants and wine-bars and have a good glass of wine. But they need to be educated, because they do not have a great knowledge about what they drink. 

On what channel do you sell Farina’s wines?
Mainly in restaurants and wine bars.
  • - Interview with Vince Lia