Adriano Biscardi

Adriano Biscardi

Area: Canada


Interview with Adriano Biscardi

When did you start your collaboration with Farina?
Remo Farina and I met by chance at Vinitaly in the eighties, with him I established a great friendship as well as a professional relationship. There was an immediate feeling, and since then we started importing Farina wines in Canada. Over the years we've grown together, until Remo suddenly passed away and we did not know how things would have changed. There was a brief period of impasse, but then, thanks to an acquaintance who mediated, relationships have strengthened and today are even stronger. Step by step qualitative changes and investments have been made, and we got the current results.
What role do you play for Farina?
I am an importer and distributor in the Canadian market, the most important market for Farina until today. My company, Majestic Wine, distributes wines and spirits from around the world (Australian, Chilean, Portuguese), but our strength is Italy, since I am an Italian who emigrated to Canada many years ago. I arrived in 1967, I started to import wine in 1979 and soon after, in 1983 I met Remo Farina. Farina is in my heart because I helped its growth in the Canadian market from the beginning.
What has the generational change brought?
Definitely a turning point. Claudio and Elena have made changes and investments, also following my advice regarding the Canadian market and the results are now visible to all. With them we tried to change a bit the wine style, going from an "old school" Amarone, to softer, smoother wines, following what the Canadian market demanded.
What are the characteristics of the Canadian market?

Canada is an advanced market in terms of products, unlike in the US where you drink it all. It is a sophisticated and demanding market, and also requires more and new wines, updated to the needs of the consumer.
What do you think of Farina wines today?

From the cheapest to the most expensive, they are wines that can compete with any other wine in the same category for the value that is inside each bottle.
What is your favorite wine among Farina’s?
Amarone Monte Fante.
The one with the highest potential?

The basic Amarone, a product in which quality and price are very balanced. In Canada it is easier to sell a $40 wine than a $70 one, that’s why we work very well with the Ripassos, which have lower prices but are equally valid.
What price range sells more in Canada?
Wines ranging from $35 to $45 sell very well. The best-selling is classic Amarone. Instead the Monte Fante, which I mentioned above, is in the price range of the Great Amarone.
What is the most important result achieved by Farina in Canada?

Three weeks ago we had a promotion on Farina’s Ripasso "Le Pezze" for a week in the Monopoly shops. We also advertised it on the radio. Surprisingly it was a record with 2370 cases sold, compared to the previous 2070 cases record hit with Valpolicella classic. At the moment Farina holds the record of the best-selling product in a week.

What adjective would you give the company?
Reliability and availability. What we ask, they do. We give advices and they listen to us.
And the result of the Ripasso record is one of the fruits of this serious work.
Which adjective instead would you give yourself?
I feel an ambassador of Italian wines in Canada.
What message would you give the company today?
We are now at the top in Canada. We can only go better.
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