Oriella Peretti

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Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella
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Getting Form

Oriella and her family have been collaborating with Farina for so long, a collaboration that has been going on for about 50 years. When her father Bernardo, who was not only involved in the countryside, but he also supported the breeding of the vine in a restaurant business, she inherited the campaign in Proale, above Negrar, which she is now occupying husband and his son. Where it can be useful, in the simplest tasks, how to harvest grapes, it helps the husband and the child very willingly, even if its main activity remains the restaurant.

Interview with Oriella Peretti

When did you start providing your grapes to Farina?
It is a collaboration that has been going on for a long time, about 50 years now. When my dad Bernardo passed away, he did not only take care of the countryside but, matched the vine growing with a restoration activity, I inherited the fields in Proale, above Negrar, of which today are responsible my husband and my son. Where I can make myself useful, in the simplest tasks, such as picking grapes, I am very happy to help my husband and my son, although my main activity is the restaurant: I have a restaurant-pizzeria "La Lasagna." I trust my two men, I know that with them the management of the vineyard is in good hands.
What image appears before your eyes when you think of the vineyard?
I am reminded of the sun's rays hitting the ripe bunches, enhancing the intense color that only a ripen grape can have. In this image meet hard work, sacrifice and a great satisfaction in seeing your energy invested in the right way.
What does the vineyard represent for you?

It's a reunion to the origins, to the roots of my family.
What adjective would you give to the company Farina?

It is a company made up by serious people, real professionals. I do not remember, neither me personally nor my dad at the time, ever having had disagreements or unpleasant incidents.
Although today it is a leading company, always ready to innovate and grow, it never lost sight of the simplicity in which and from which it was born and the availability, which Remo, one of the founding brothers, made ​​the distinctive sign of the company.

What is the strength of the company?
Despite the success it has enjoyed over the years, the family warmth remained.
What is your favorite Farina wine?
Absolutely the Amarone.
Your motto?
Get busy, always.
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