Bruno Tommasi

Vineyard area:  
Training system:  
Corvina, Corvinone, little Rondinella
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Interview with Bruno Tommasi

When did you start to give your grapes to Farina?
We have working relationships with Farina for about 10 years. Compared to other transferors, who have been working with them for a longer time, 10 years are not many, however, the relationship that has been created is unique, both under a professional profile, both for the human one.
We have come to them by a pure chance, via an initial contact we had with Remo and then with Piero. Today with Claudio nothing has changed despite the time passed, we still kept the same kind of relationship, sincere and direct.
What is your favorite wine among Farina’s?
Amarone and Ripasso. I think this is not only my preference, but that the thought on these “warhorses” is quite unanimous.
What adjective would you give the company?
It is a cutting-edge company that always works hard. A serious company like theirs knows how to behave, by the care and attention to detail, to further precautions, which must always be there, from the beginning to the end of the wine production process.
Who is involved in the management of your vineyard besides you?

My wife often helps me with the lighter tasks. While my brothers and I deal with the grape harvest. I especially have started when there was my dad, in the days when we used the old vine training systems. Despite several years have passed I try as much as possible to still use them and I am committed to not using plastics and artificial products in my field.

What adjective would you give yourself as a winemaker?
I am passionate about what I do, knowing that you never stop learning. The vine requires constant commitment, you have to look after it like a living being, as it actually is.
What is your motto?
Get always busy. And never stop learning.
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