Accordi Piacentini Family

Accordi Piacentini Family

Vineyard area:  
San Pietro in Cariano
Training system:  
traditional pergola
east, south, west
classics from Valpolicella
Ground type:  
clayey with limestone


Getting Form

Raffaello Piacentini started going to the farmland when he was a child, when he was in second grade. His family was a sharecropper of land that was cultivated with fruit, olive and arable crops. For him it was natural to love nature right away. And from there, the step to make nature a job was short. The wine was already made then, but the cultivation of the vine was not so specialized. Returning from the military service, he bought a small company in the locality of Concole, above Negrar, and began his adventure, always in contact with nature. "Then there were no tractors, machines, nothing mechanical, but we were able to manage our activities. The great landowners have started selling the land and then, thinking of my two sons Adelino and Adriano, who were growing and like me, loved nature, I bought more and more portions of land that I used as a vineyard ".

Interview with Raffaello Piacentini

What does nature mean to you?
Nature is everything. It keeps people together, we all need it. There are many people who love to talk, they use lots of words, but then nature teaches us that it is more important to do the facts. I have done various jobs in my life, because back then you couldn’t live only on the farm. So I decided that I would build a future for my children and today I am very satisfied with them and also with my older grandson who is also passionate about it. 

What did you teach your children? 
Respect for nature. Nothing is taught to nature, she teaches us. We must respect her timing, be patient and accept that each vintage is different. Climate change today has very much anticipated the time of harvest. This is why the farmer must learn to follow its rhythms. 

What is the vineyard? 
The vine is a climbing plant. It is bound to the territory. It expresses the sense of clinging to the earth: this is its power. Why did you choose Farina? We feel as part of a big family with them. 

How would you describe Farina as a company? 
They always respect the word given.
Which wine do you prefer? 
Amarone certainly. I am a lover of more structured wines, I do not like sweet wine. 

How was the last vintage 2016? 
Very good. We have faced the drought very well, because we have drip irrigation in all the vineyards. 

What is your motto? 
Respect nature. 

If you want to send a message to Farina, what would you say? 
Keep up the good job this way and focus on the enhancement of the territory and the quality of the wines.
  • - Interview with Raffaello Piacentini