Stefano Girelli

Stefano Girelli

Role: farmer
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Interview with Stefano Girelli

How did you start collaborating with Farina? 
It happened when I had to change job, through some friends I got to meet Farina. At our first meeting, we got along well immediately and I started working for them after a while. 

What role do you play in the company? 
My role in the company is the farmer, I mainly deal with the management of the land. In addition, my role also implies the control of the conferors and the quality of the grapes that they give us. I also decide with the team about the harvesting of grapes. 

What is your motto? 
We must be ready for change and be able to adapt to nature. In this job unpredictability is on the agenda. I give an example. Before harvesting we make programs, we think to collect the grapes on a given day, while it often happens that nature surprises us and makes us understand that grapes are ready to be collected even 5 days before the established time. And you can not wait ... 

What is an adjective to define Farina? 
My direct reference in the company is Claudio. I would say that the right adjective is unpredictable. He always has new ideas, he is really a volcano, we don’t fear his sudden changes, it is really a pleasure to work with him, he never bores us. 

What brought the new generation? 
Claudio and Elena have brought innovation and freshness, but we must remember that the passion handed down comes from those who have started this path. This is a hard work, so you need to be ready to get your hands dirty.
What is the strength of the company? 
The main strength is the desire to do, the youth in the company brings fresh air and innovation. I also believe that the relationship between the family members is essential, we confront with each other, we get along and everyone's ideas are taken into consideration. The work group is cohesive, we work well and the results are evident. 

What advice would you give them? 
The main advice I can give is to never feel accomplished. In the last 9 years everything has changed and there have been great successes, but we can not rest on our laurels. There is a lot of competition and the new generations from other families perform well too, so we should be up-to-date without getting tired of innovating.
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