Monica Logica

Role: Clerk, export assistant
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Interview with Monica Logica

How did you start collaborating with Farina?
I started working in the company 13 and a half years ago, in January 2003. I arrived here by chance, for a fortuitous circumstance of life that brought me great luck. Initially I had a maternity replacement contract, then life chose for me to stay here.
What is your role in the company?
Mine is a very eclectic role, but my main focus is export. I could define myself an export assistant: I take care of maintaining contacts between the company and foreign contacts. Having studied foreign languages, I’m able to keep pleasant and rewarding relationships with our partners. I call myself "the emails’ woman", I have to manage 200 emails daily for foreign orders. In addition, I also deal work as a link between the warehouse and the office, I monitor the bottling phases and the bureaucratic management, as well as the statements to various bodies.
What do you like about your job?

I’m really satisfied when I can finalize the activities.
I am a very static person, I love being in front of my computer. Even if my job involves relationships, and it is also gratifying for this reason, what I love the most is when I'm alone with my computer and I succeed in finalizing a procedure.
What adjective would you give yourself?
Concrete and solid. I do not like beating around the bush, I love to get to the point, that’s why I’m trustworthy and honest. It must be said that I also am edgy and selective, I take no personal initiatives, but I do well what is entrusted to me.
A memory of these 13 years here at Farina?
I have so many images coming to my mind. I remember the satisfaction of seeing customers, agents and importers who came to visit us over time and have maintained the bond with me and the company. Thanks to a daily contact, you can create bonds going even beyond the professional field.
How would you define the company?
Family-like in terms of management. Despite the company's size increased over the last few years, we are still a little environment in which we all collaborate and help each other. It is also very dynamic and always on the move: in 13 years I have witnessed an incredible evolution.
How would you describe this evolution?
At first the company was family-sized in every sense and it was much easier to manage the business. It was also much less focused on innovation. With the arrive of the new generation there has been a push for new ideas, technological innovations, new clients, all with a very fluid and open attitude.

What are Farina’s strengths?
At the production level, the value for money: quality wines, at still reasonable prices. From a management perspective, the family environment where everybody knows everybody and there is a personal as well as professional interchange.
Possible improvements?
Sometimes we tend to overload some roles and responsibilities for this extreme familiarity and flexibility of the working environment.
What is your favorite wine?

Ripasso Monte Corna: it is not as simple as a Valpolicella, neither difficult in understanding it as per Amarone
What’s the wine with more future potential?

Ripasso. For its value for money and the ease with which it can be understood and appreciated.
What other job would you do if not this?

A dream I’ve always had was being a police officer. I am a supporter of the law, justice and order and tend to associate them with these figures. For sure I wouldn’t have been a dancer!
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