Mattia Cobelli

Role: Enologist help
Hallmarks: E
Motto: L


Intervista a Mattia Cobelli

When did you start collaborating with Farina?
I arrived at Farina’s 4 years ago, it was for a harvest,  so a seasonal collaboration. Then I graduated in oenology at San Michele all'Adige and I was offered a job as an oenologist.

Why did you choose the world of wine?
My grandfather produced wine and so I grew up in this world. I could not choose otherwise.

What role do you have in the company?
I’m the winemaker's help. I work with Andrea and I carry out wine cellar operations: racking, preparation of the wines for bottling ...

What do you like most?
The harvest is the moment I love most. It is physically complicated, but the most beautiful part of enology, because every vintage is different.
I also like to taste the wines, find out how they change from week to week.

What’s the first memory you have of when you started working at Farina’s?
The first person I got to know was Andrea. We have established a simple and sincere relationship right from the star. He's my master.

How would you describe the company?
Farina is a company with many qualities. Definitely helpful and welcoming.

What’s their strength?
Farina has very good products and good prices. Great value for money.

What is your favorite wine?
Amarone Riserva: a fruity, full-bodied wine that expresses itself in full after a long process that satisfies us oenologists.

What is Farina's wine with the most potential?
The Montecorna.
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