Lara Rossi

Role: Administrative and accounting employee
Hallmarks: S
Motto: W


She is the "money woman", the administrative core of Farina, but she is a woman with a unique sweetness. Bond to Farina since she was a "little girl", as she herself tells us, she started working in the company thanks to her uncle Remo, who taught her everything. Today she deals with accounting and is one of the cornerstones of Farina. 

How did you start working with Farina? 
I was a little girl when I arrived in the company in 1988, called by Remo. The Farinas are my relatives, because my mother is Remo’s sister. In 1986-7 I used to work in a video store in town. My uncle used to visit my house and one day he told me: "My employee is on maternity leave, why don’t you come and work with us?". So aged 18 I started to answer the phone, then slowly they gave me more tasks, such as filling the records of the then small company, today the operations are more complex. I grew up in this company, for me it is like being in my family, in every sense. 

What role do you have in the company? 
I am an administrative employee, I deal with accounting. My job is a very varied job: I check the banks' balances, I call the customers and register the purchase invoices. I manage accounting, but sometimes I also made emergency deliveries. In short, I make myself available throughout. 

What adjective will you give yourself? 
I am a sincere and respectful person. Reliable. 

What’s your first memory in the company? 
At the beginning I was a bit intimidated by the commercial registers, where everything had to be balanced: stocks, loads, discharges... But my uncle taught me everything, also because I was alone in the office. My uncle taught me and scolded me too, but in this way he made me learn a lot, not being content. Thankfully, the work load was not like today’s: there were very few invoices then, four or five a day. 

What did the new generation bring to the company? 
Great satisfactions and changes. Despite we lost three members of the company, we’ve always believed in Claudio, Elena and Sandro. They put strength and courage. They expanded the company, they implemented new technological systems, but kept the working environment as genuine and healthy as it was in the beginning. I feel at home here, not only because I have family ties. Even in some not so easy moments of my life, this company, its people, have always been close, making me feel at home. 

What advice would you give them? 
To keep working as they are doing now, always keeping in mind the people who built the company before them. If I really have to think about something that’s missing: we’d need more people in the warehouse. 

How would you define the company? 
A company with a great potential, which has still a lot to show.

Strong point? 
Transparency. It always shows itself as it is, without hiding anything. 

What is your favorite wine? 
I love Recioto very much, because it reminds me of the family, gathering in front of a bottle of wine during Christmas holidays. Being together. 

Farina wine with greatest potential? 
Amarone and Monte Fante, and the Ripasso too. 

What other job would have you done if not this? 
The doctor or the nurse, if I had not started working so young. My history has soon been marked by Farina.
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