Elia Adami

Role: Agricultural worker
Hallmarks: F
Motto: N


Intervista a Elisa Adami

How did you start collaborating with Farina?
I arrived at Farina’s in October 2016. I'm studying jurisprudence and I would like to graduate, but this work made me understand that what I want to do is work outdoors in contact with nature.

What is your job?
I'm an agricultural worker, an apprentice of the vineyard, as I like to describe myself.
My job is to tie the vineyards, take care of the countryside, cut the olive trees, plant new vineyards ...

What do you like the most about your work?

Being outdoors.

What is the most important teaching you have learned so far?

That the vine never sleeps, not even during winter when it looks dry.

What adjective would you give yourself as a person?

Altruist and a little meticulous.

How would you define the company?
Farina is a serene and familiar company reality.

What’s Farina’s Strength?
It is constantly growing.

What is your favorite wine?
The Amarone Montefante, because the history of its name is linked to a vineyard owned by my family, who supplies grapes to Farina.

What’s Farina's wine with the most potential?
The Appassilento. I think this wine was a great idea and I see that there are always orders to ship, so I deduce it is a success, commercially speaking.

What else would you do if not this?
The lawyer, but I do not regret it, because I prefer to be outdoor.
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